Uitgeleste dansen 2019

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Uitgeleste dansen 2019                                   

double klik op dansnaam voor beeldweergave

Datum                                      Dans                                                                       Choreografie
20  mei                              Rock Paper Scissors                                 Maggie gallagher
13  mei                             American Made                                       Darren Mitcell & Rob Fowler
6  mei                              Peace Train                                             Julie Molkner
6  mei                              Ice Cold Corona                                      Pat Stott
8    april                          Nothing But You                                      Darren Baily
25  maart                       Veneno                                                    Ria Vos
18  maart                        Every Step In The Book                          Pat Scott  
11  maart                        Into The Arena                                       Michael Vera Bolos Lobos
4    maart                       Keep It Simple                                         Maggie gallegher
26 februari                    Bleu Cowboy                                             Kate Sala & Shelly Guichard
11  februari                    Bloodline                                                  Tina Argyl

4 februari                     Day Of The Dead                                     Dan Albro
22januari                       Graffiti                                                    Karl-Harry Winson
14 januari                       oh  Me oh My oh                                       Rob Flowler 

Uitgeleste dansen2018

3   december                   illaney Christmas                                Lynne & David Herman
19  november                You Look Happier                                           Francien Sittrop
5   november               Joey On The Fiddle                                        April Coady
29 oktober                 Leave A Trace                                             Jose Miguel Belloque Vane 
15 oktober                   Bethlehem Child                                          Roy Verdonk
1 oktober                     Get It Right                                               Maddison Clover
17 sept                        All I Am Is You                                          evill Fitzgerald & Jullie Harris
3  sept                          A Double Whiskey                                       Carry O’Reilly

2    juli                            The Dance                                                 Tina Arglyle
4   juni                             I Close My Eyes                                     Hazel Pace
14   mei                             Cowgirls                                                 The French Cowgirls
1    mei                            Not Your One Night Stand                     Tonnie Vos

23   april                                   Whiskey Bridges                                     Maddison Glover
16   april                          Like A Fine Wine                                     Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier
9     april                         When I See Ya                                       RobbieMcCowan  Hickie
26  maart                        The Drifters                                           Robbie McGowan  Hickie  
19  maart                         Arms Open                                             Francien Sittrop
5    maart                        WWW.West                                           Rob Flower & Shelly Guichard
19  februari                     Pull You Through                                     Maddison Glover & Jo Szymanski
 12  februari                   Dirt In My Face                                       Tonnie Vos
29  januari                       What You Get Is What You See            Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
22   januari                       A bright Tomorrow                               Ira Weisburd

15  januari                        Perfect                                                  Ed Sheeran

Uitgeleste dansen 2017
20 november                           hasing Down A Good Time                          Dan Albro
4   november                    Strong Bounds                                            Servine Fillon en Bruno Maggia
23 oktober                        Down On Your Upper                                Garry O Reilly
16 oktober                        In The Blood                                            Tessa Jansen
9 oktober                         RDance Her Home                                      Rob Fowier
2 oktober                        Could ve Been The Whiskey                       April Coady
18 september                  Enough Is Enough                                       Ria Vos
5   september                 Dangerous Games                                        l en Harry Winson
28 augustus                     She Sets the City On Fire                        Jhona Dahlgren – Johanna Lodin
21  augustus                    Lonely Drum                                                Darren Mitchel
12   juni                          5 More Minutes                                        Jef Camps & Heater Barton
29    mei                         Cowboy Cool                                              rep Ghazali-Meaney
15     mei                         Friday At The Dance                                 Rob Flower & Laura Sway
1       mei                          Flirtin’ & Kissin’                                       Ria Vos
24    april                        Champagne Promise                                  Tina Argyle
3      april                         Country Race                                           Niels Poulessen
27    maart                      Nancy Mulligan                                         Maggie Gallegher & Garry O’Reilly
13    maart                      Dig Your Heels                                          Maddison Glover
27   februari                  My Middle Name                                       Willie Brown & Niels Poulesen
20   februari                  Sta My Love                                              Maggie Gallegher
13   februari                  Bring On The Good Times                          Carry O’ Reily & Maggie Callagher
30   januari                   Stay All Night                                            Jef Camps
23   januari                   Chase That Song                                        Kate Sala 
16   januari                   Twist & Turns                                             Maddison Glover 

Uitgelestedansen 2016

      Ain’t Misbehaving
      All Heaven Allows.
      Big Blue Tree
      Drift of to Dreams
      Flanagan’s Ball
      Flying Home
      Follow The Sun
      Good At Leaving
      Happy, Happy, Happy
      Love Her For A While
      Never Ever Go Away
      Quit You Cha
      Say it Again.
      Solo Amor
      Some girls Will.
      Stop Staring At My Eyes
      Summer  On You.
      Until I See you again
      Well Do Ya ?
      You’re gonna miss me.
      Dansen 2015
      Better When I’m Dancing    30 November         choreographed by:  Julia Wetzel.
      Lay Low                                 23 November       choreographed by:  Darren Bailey
      Cliché Love Song                   2 November       choreographed by:  TEAM USA
      Locklin’s Bar                          26 Oktober          choreographed by:  Rachael McEnanaey
      Patsy Fagan                           19 Oktober          choreographed by:  Francien Sittrop
      It’s All Going To Pot              5 Oktober       choreographed by:   Dirk Leibing
      A Girl like You                        28 September     choreographed by :  Karen Kennedy
      The Bomp                               21 September  choreographed by :  Kim Ray
      My Little Weekend Girl        7 September   choreographed by :  Wil Bos
      Summertime Love                24 Augustus     choreographed by :  Kate Sala
      Like Coca Cola in Hollywood   3 Augustus   choreographed by :  Wil Bos     uitgelest door Hans
      Como Yo                             27 Juli        choreographed by :  Roy Verdonk – Eline de Kok – Jose Belloque Vane    uitgelest door Hans
      Moralito Samba                20 Juli      choreographed by : Andrew Palmer & Simom J.          uitgelest door Hans
      Flying Home                      13 Juli      choreographed by : Gaye Teather and Adrian Helliker   uitgelest door Hans
      Slam Goes The Door        15 Juni     choreographed by : Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
      Leaving Town                    1 Juni         choreographed by:   Kim Ray
      Tell The World                 18 Mei           choreographed by:   Robbie McGowan Hickie
      Almost Crazy                    11 Mei            choreographed by:   Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell
      Modern Romance               4 Mei           choreographed by: Kate Sala
      Peligrosa                            20 April       choreographed by:   Ria Vos
      On Your Side                     13 April        choreographed by:   Dirk Leibing
      South Australia                30 Maart          choreographed by:   Gary O’Reilly
      Rock & Roll                        23 Maart              choreographed by:   Robbie McGowan Hickie
      She Wants A Cowboy        16 Maart          choreographed by:   Miquel Menendez
      Make It Louder                 9 Maart         choreographed by:   Ria Vos
      A Shoulder To Cry On       2 Maart         choreographed by:     Wil Bos
      Cheerio                            16 Februari        choreographed by:   Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
      The Last Living Cowboy      9 Februari      choreographed by:   Lesley Clark
      Love Me Like You Do   2 Februari       choreographed by:   Ria Vos
      Triple Mix                   26 Januari       choreographed by:   Lorna Mursell
      Hillbilly Girl                12 Januari       choreographed by:   John Warnars & Brigitte Masmeijer
      Corn Don’t Grow       5 Januari        choreographed by:   Tina Argyle
Dansen 2014
We Only Live Once                1 December      choreographed by:   Robbie McGowan Hickie
Tick Tock Two                            17 November     choreographed by:  Rachael McEnanaey
Lord Help Me                         10 November       choreographed by:  Marie Sorensen
Gonna Love You                      3 November      choreographed by: Kevin & Maria Smith
Good Time Girls                     20 Oktober      choreographed by: Karen Kennedy
The Other Side (Wow Hawaii)  13 Oktober      choreographed by:  Will Craigh ­­– Jo & John Kinser-Rachel McEnaney etc.
Makita                                   6 Oktober         choreographed by:  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Push For The Stride              22 September   choreographed by:  Caroline Dancer Cooper
Angel In Blue Jeans               15 September  choreographed by:  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
Such A Fool                             21 Juli           choreographed by:  Niels B. Poulsen    uitgelest door Hans
Just Another Woman               14 Juli         choreographed by:  Lesley Clark           uitgelest door Hans
We Forgot To Dream               7 Juli           choreographed by:  Gaye Teather        uitgelest door Hans
The Boat To Liverpool              23 Juni        choreographed by:  Ross Brown        uitgelest door Hans
Coca Cola Shake                       26 Mei         choreographed by:  Ria Vos
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O             19 Mei           choreographed by:  Maggie Gallagher
Just Add Moonlight                 5 Mei            choreographed by:  Maggie Gallagher
Eye To Eye                              21 April         choreographed by:  Maggie Gallagher
Mona Lisa                                 7 April          choreographed by:  Daniel Whittaker
Trouble With My Baby            31 Maart             choreographed by:  Craig Bennett & Tina Argyle
Were We’ve Been                    17 Maart          choreographed by:  Lana Harvey Wilson
Better Times                   10 Maart        choreographed by:  Patricia E. Stott & Vikki Morris
Most Of All                     3 Maart        choreographed by:  Ria Vos
Lennerocker Stroll            24 Februari       choreographed by:  Francien Sittrop
Burning Blue                           10 Februari        choreographed by:  Francien Sittrop
A Little Bit Gypsy              27 Januari      choreographed by : Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Alabama Boy                           20 Januari        choreographed by:  Francien Sittrop
Fly High                                 13 Januari        choreographed by:  Maggie Gallagher
Dansen  2013
1. Shame And Scandal In The Family     7 Januari
2. Open Heart Cowboy                         21 Januari
3. Our House Of Love                         28 Januari
4. Disconnected                                  11  Februari
5. Boogie Choo Choo                            18 Februari
6. Feeling The Feeling                         25 Februari
7. Can’t Make Money                             4 Maart
8. Wagon Wheel Rock                         25 Maart
9. Maverocking                                   15 April
10. Tango De Pasion                             29 April
11. Come Crawl With Me                            6 Mei
12. Ford Boogie                                   27 Mei
13. Good Girls Gone Bad                        3 Juni
14. Everybody’s Sweetheart                 10 Juni
15. Mexifest                                       19 Juni
16. Love You A Million Times                 15 Juli
17. A Moment Like This                       2 September
18. Nobody’s Fool                                16 September
19. Trespassing                                   23 September
20. Dog River Blues                              30 September
21. The Gimmese Boogie                        7 Oktober
22. Dreaming Again                              14 Oktober
23. Riptide                                          28 Oktober
24. Stripes                                          4 November
25. This Is Me                                           18 November
26. High Times                                   25 November
27. The Story Of My Life                     2 December
Uitgeleste dansen totaal
1929      7 Mei 2012
Af en Af
Ain’t Goin Down
All Good            23 April 2012
All Smiles Tonight
All Week Long
All Worth It
A Lot Like That    Oktober 2011
A Million Dreams     26 November 2012
A Moment Like This     2 September 2013
Amor Mafioso
Amsterdam Moonlight    29 Juli 2013
Another Song     5 Maart 2012
Anything Goes
Ashes of Love
A World Of Blue              11 Januari 2012
Ay Amor
Baby Come Back
Baby Ride Easy
Baby’s Gone Home
Back Again
Bad Moon Rising
Balada                    20 Augustus 2012
Ballymore Boys
Bandido’s Last Ride    11 April 2012 (beginners)
Bare Essential
Bar Isn´t It
Bayou City Twister  opnieuw uitgelest November 2011
Because Of You
Beer For My Horses
Be Strong
Better Than Nada
Black Coffee
Blanket Cover
Blue Beyond
Blue Moon Sh           11 April 2012 (beginners)
Bobbi With And I
Bob The B
Body  In Motion
Boogie Choo Choo   18 Februari 2013
Boogie Woogie Baby Jill   13 Februari 2012
Borrowed Love
Bossy Boots
Box It Up     Oktober 2011
Break Free
Burning Blue  Februari 2014
Caballero    Oktober 2011
Cabo San Lucas
Calypso Mexico
Canadian Stomp
Can’t Let Go     5 November 2012
Can’t Make Money   4 Maart 2013
Cha Quila
Chaught In The Act
Chill Factor
Clickety Clack
Clinging To You
Closer 14 Maart 2012 (beginners)
Coastin    29 Februari 2012 (beginners)
Come Crawl With Me  6 mei 2013
Cool Chick
Country As A Boy Can Be
Coupe De Ville
Cowgirls Twist
Crazy Foot Mambo
Cry Cry Cry        22 Februari 2012 (beginners)
Cryin’ Eyes
Cute Boot Scooter           25 Januari 2012
Dance Again      9 April 2012
Disconnected     11 Februari 2013
Doctor Doctor
Dog  & Bone
Dog River Blues   30 september 2013
Don’t Let Me Down    9 Januari 2012
Don’t You Wish
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Dreaming Again    14 oktober 2013
Dreams Of A Dreamer
Dreams of Martina
DMS (Drink Myself Single)     23 Januari 2012
Double U Double       30 Januari 2012
English Bay Shuffle
Everybody’s Sweetheart    10 Juni 2013
El Paso Swing
Eyes Wide Open
Far From The Charts
Fais Do Do
Feeling Kinda Lonely         18 Januari 2012
Feeling The Feeling        25 Februari 2013
Feel Right
Flying High     25 Juni 2012
Flying Scotsman
Fly Like A Bird
Footloose               27 Februari 2012
Ford Boogie     27 Mei 2013
Friends For Ten
Galway Girl
Gambling Man
Go Mama Go
Gone And Done It
Good Girls Gone Bad   3 Juni 2013
Haley’s Comet
Half Past Nothin’    10 September 2012
Head Over Heels
Heart Breaker
Heart Drop
Heart Of A Angel
Hearts And Flowers
High Times                   25 november 2013
Holding Back The Ocean   opnieuw uitgelest 9 Juli 2012
Homeward Bound
Hot Love
I Don’t Care
I’m No Good
In Controle
Indian Summers With You
In Dreams   7 Maart 2012 (beginners)
Into The Arena
I Run To You
Is It Friday Yet    19 November 2012
Is It So
Island In The Stream
It Hurts
Jacob´s Ladder
Jailhouse Creool
Jig About
John Wayne Walking
Just A Minute
Just For Grins
KD Cha       8 Oktober 2012
Kill The Spiders
Kicking The Blues
Knee Deep
Lady Willpower  26 Maart 2012
Last In Line
Let Me Be
Lightning Polka
Lila Flamenco
Linda Eh       December 2011
Lost In Love
Love You In A Barrel   23 Juli 2012
Love You A Million Times    15 Juli 2013
Louisiana Swing
Loved Your More
Loves Comes Around
Love Ya
Make Your Sweat
Mariana Mambo
Maverocking           15 April 2013
Maybe I Could
Mexifest         19 Juni 2013
More Time       8 Februari 2012
Mucara Walk
My Heart Skips A Beat
My New Life
My Pretty Belinda
My Veronica
Never Ending Love
Next To Me
No Angel
Nobody’s Fool    16 September 2013
No More You
Not Without Us     November 2011
Old ´97
Old Flames         18 maart 2013
One More Midnight
Open Heart Cowboy   21 Januari 2013
Our House Of Love     28 Januari 2013
Out & Jump
Patient Heart
Paris 98
Peace Train
Pina Colada Cha
Pot Of Gold
Quando When Quando
Quarter After One
Raised On Love                   28 Maart 2012
Rattle Snake Cafe
Rebel Amor
Red Staggerwing
Reggae Cowboy
Rhyme Or Reason
Ride The River
Right Or Wrong
Riptide                      28 oktober 2013
Rock Paper Scissors    14 Mei 2012
Shame And Scandal In The Family     7 Januari 2013
Scotia Samba
Sexy Little Xmas T
Shaping Up
Side By Side
Sidewinder Swing
Seein’ Double      November 2011
Shirley’s Shake   Oktober 2011
Simplemente       opnieuw uitgelest 2 Juli 2012
Skip A Billy Linedance
Something In The Water
Solar Power    September 2011
Solo Humano
Some Beach
Speak To The Sky
Speak With Your Heart
Stripes              4 november 2013
Stuck On While
Suds In The Bucket
Surley Boogie
Swamp Thing
Sweet Maria
Talk To Me
Tango De Pasion      29 April 2013
Tango With The Sheriff
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
The Belle Of Liverpool      29 Oktober 2012
The Blarney Roses           15 Oktober 2012
The Flute        September 2011
The Gimmese Boogie  7 Oktober 2013
The Gravy
The Race        November 2011
The Story Of My Life      2 December 2013
The Trail
The Wanderer   31 Mei 2012
Things We Do   November 2011
This Is Me        18 November 2013
This Is The Life
Thus Phus
Tinka Belle
T’morrow Never Knows
Together You And Me   12 Maart 2012
Trespassing            23 September 2013
Trust Me
Umbrella Swing
Under The Sun
Uno Mas
U Turn
Virginia countryline
Wagon Wheel Rock     25 maart 2013
Wake Up Little Susie   24 September 2012
Waltzing Alone
Waltzing With Crazy Blue Eyes
Wasted Days
What Are You Gonna Do With The Band
What Do You See
What’s Your Name
Whirlwind Waltz
Whispering Your Name   16 Juli 2012
Whisfull Thinking
Whiskeys Gone    September 2012
White Rose
Who Did You Call Darling
Whole Again
You Lied
Zaleilah    9 Juli 2012
Zjozzies Funk